Award Ceremony broadcast

26th June 2024. 11:00 (GMT+2)

Winning and finalist teams and videos!!

Category A:

Winning team: ZUIKOS from Lithuania

Finalist teams:

Videos of all participating teams in category A

Category B:

Winning team: AFS_STAT_8 from Greece

Finalist teams:

Videos of all participating teams in category B

Disclaimer: Please note that the winner and finalist videos in the European Statistics Competition are produced by secondary school students in the context of a school contest. Minor inaccuracies in the use of data cannot be excluded.

What is the European Statistics Competition (ESC)?

Poster of the ESC

The ESC is a competition organized by Eurostat and volunteering National Statistical Institutes addressed to secondary education students with the purpose of encouraging students to get familiar with statistics and official statistical sources.

The competition is structured in two phases: national and European. The winners or finalists of the national phase of each country are eligible to take part in the European phase. It is necessary to take part in the national phase to be eligible to participate in the European phase.

The language of the national phase is the national language while the European phase is in English.

Detailed information about the national phases can be found in the national sites.

Detailed information about the European phase is available in the rules

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Previous edition of the ESC: ESC 2022-2023

ESC 2024 in figures

National phases have reached the end and... the European phase has just begun! Get to know the figures of 2024 edition.




Educational centres





Participant countries

Register and check the details of each national competition visiting the corresponding link (click on the flag)


The competition is open to secondary school students of participating countries. In order to participate in the ESC, you’ll have to register in the national phase of your country.

National phase

Registration will start in many cases by September and October 2023. Please visit your national site to get all the details.

European phase

The European phase of the European Statistics Competiton (ESC) is open to those teams having finished among the winners or finalists in their national phases of the ESC and have been proposed to participate in the European phase by their countries.

Please refer to the rules of the European phase to obtain detailed information.


From September 2023
to April 2024

Established by each country
Last deadline: 13th May 2024

European phase

Registration + Assignment

6th June 2024.

Publication of winners

26th June. 11:00 (GMT+2) 2024.
(*More details in the rules)

Award ceremony


Participants will have to pass some assignments related to statistics in order to win the ESC (more information in the rules)

National phase

Assignments in the national phase might vary from country to country, so please visit your national site to get complete information about the national assignments.

European phase

The assignment consists of preparing a video, plus a making of document, where teams will reflect on a proposed question related to statistics.

Videos will be assessed by the jury, who will proclaim a winner.

Topic European phase


There will be one winner per category. Each member (including the tutor) of each winner team will receive:

  • A gift card (400 €).
  • Promotional material from Eurostat.
  • A diploma.
  • A trophy.

There will also be trophies for the second and third team in each category.

The awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday June 26 11:00 (GMT+2) in Madrid (Spain).

European  Statistics Competition 2023-2024